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May 2022 The site will undergo some maintenance in the coming weeks.
Expect a lot of past uploads to start showing up, alongside some improvements under the hood.

  Upload a savegame  
If you want to help other players by sharing your savegame you are now able to upload it to the database! All you have to do is submit your file through this form and your savegame will be added to the site as soon as it has been confirmed by one of our staff members.

General guidelines:
  • All fields with an asterisk (*) are mandatory
  • Don't upload malware/viruses/etc.
  • Try to be as descriptively as possible
  • Allowed files are: .sav, .zip, .rar and .tar
All files are cleared manually by our staff. It may take up to a few hours before your savegame is visible on the main page.

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