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Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma
Zero Time Dilemma is the third entry in the acclaimed Zero Escape series. The mysterious Zero traps 9 participants within an underground shelter, dividing them equally between 3 wards that are connected to an elevator shaft in the middle. The only way out passing through a locked X-Door to access the elevator. Six passwords are required to unlock the door, and each password is revealed only after a participant dies. Zeros Decision Game will offer teams the opportunity to kill other participants through a variety of means to obtain the necessary passwords so they may escape[gamefaqs]
Savegame by xhertas
Title Unlocked All Endings
Region USA
Type 3ds
Firmware N/A
Title ID 000400000017B200
Flashcard Gateway 3DS
Added Tue, 2 January 2018
Author xhertas
Size 196.91 KB
Times downloaded 36
Description Unlocked All Endings
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