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The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time 3D
After a nightmare involving a certain young princess and the evil thief Ganondorf, series hero Link wakes up in his home village tucked away behind the mysterious Lost Woods. The only Kokiri without a fairy, Link soon meets up with his new traveling companion, the winged Navi, and sets out on the adventure of his life. The quest, which inevitably turns into a rescue mission for Princess Zelda, leads players through dark dungeons, picturesque villages, into the heart of a volcano, to the bottom of a lake, through a haunted desert, deep into a magical forest, into a giant tree, the belly of a beast, and even through time.[ign]
Savegame by Kevstar91
Title Save 100 % Normal and Master Quest Completed
Region EUR
Type 3ds
Firmware 11.7
Title ID 0004000000033600
Flashcard R4i Gold
Added Wed, 18 July 2018
Author Kevstar91
Size 2.39 KB
Times downloaded 118
Description 100 % Normal and Master Quest
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