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The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time 3D
After a nightmare involving a certain young princess and the evil thief Ganondorf, series hero Link wakes up in his home village tucked away behind the mysterious Lost Woods. The only Kokiri without a fairy, Link soon meets up with his new traveling companion, the winged Navi, and sets out on the adventure of his life. The quest, which inevitably turns into a rescue mission for Princess Zelda, leads players through dark dungeons, picturesque villages, into the heart of a volcano, to the bottom of a lake, through a haunted desert, deep into a magical forest, into a giant tree, the belly of a beast, and even through time.[ign]
Savegame by OpenEnterprise
Title Gohma beaten. (For Citra users)
Region EUR
Type 3ds
Firmware N/A
Title ID
Flashcard Other
Added Sun, 27 August 2017
Author OpenEnterprise
Size 592 B
Times downloaded 302
Description I've only killed Gohma and collected the heartcontainer.
Freshly dumped from my 3DS!!1
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