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The Legend of Zelda - Majora's Mask 3D
The Skull Kid personifies the mischief and mystery of the Lost Woods, but a cursed mask has now morphed him into something exceedingly more terrifying. When he dupes Link into entering a land called Termina, the Hero of Time faces a pressing challenge in a strange, new land: stop the moon from ending the world in three days. Don't panic! You'll have some time-twisting tunes and magical masks to help you make it to tomorrow.[metacritic]
Savegame by Fastplayer
Title Game 100%
Region USA
Type 3ds
Firmware N/A
Title ID 0004000000125500
Flashcard Gateway 3DS
Added Mon, 30 March 2015
Author Fastplayer
Size 491.05 KB
Times downloaded 795
Description All files:

Name: Link

-Maxed out inventory
-Bomber's notebook completed
-All Pieces of Heart(except File 3)
-54000 Rupees in bank

File 1: saved right before the final battle

File 3: ready to take on the Moon.
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