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Senran Kagura 2 - Shinku
Unabashed with its approach in delivering what the people really want, Senran Kagura delivers once again. What the people really wanted was a sequel; Senran Kagura 2 Shinku aka Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson takes this notorious series to another level with 2 new female characters, improvements on gameplay, fanservice and fanservice. New to the series is the introduction of tag-team play; players will use the "Pair Battle" function where they will be able to fight using two paired- up characters. The unique aspect of this pairing is that any character from the game can be teamed up - from rivals or friends, certain character combinations will elicit certain special movesets, supermoves, combos and counters. As well, increased damage as well as a special tag-team attack scenes can be achieved, but this depends on how well the player performs with a pairing. [play-asia]
Savegame by MattKimura
Title Chapter 3
Region JPN
Type 3ds
Firmware N/A
Title ID 00040000000FB100
Flashcard Gateway 3DS
Added Thu, 4 September 2014
Author MattKimura
Size 196.53 KB
Times downloaded 76
Description Chapter 3 unlocked


Asuka Lv.7
Ikaruga Lv.5
Katsuragi Lv.5
Yagyu Lv.3
Hibari Lv.4

Homura Lv.15
Yomi Lv.6
Hikage Lv.4
Mirai Lv.10
Haruka Lv.9
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