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Mario & Luigi - Dream Team Bros.
A new installment in the Mario & Luigi role-playing series is coming to Nintendo 3DS this summer. The game takes place inside the mind of a sleeping Luigi, who is a powerful, brave hero in his dreams.[metacritic]
Savegame by Seroczynski
Title Dream Team Bros. Rainbow Rank at Final Stage
Region EUR
Type 3dz
Firmware N/A
Header 784DAE409EB6DD5C486359C8E4DC20BF
Title ID 00040000000D9000
Flashcard Gateway 3DS
Added Fri, 1 August 2014
Author Seroczynski
Size 383.63 KB
Times downloaded 882
Description Gametime: 40:28
Gold coins: 25256
Location: Neo Bowser Castle

Save is at random location inside Neo Bowser's Castle near the end of the game. Both Mario and Luigi are level 40 and properly geared.

Final boss has not been beaten yet.
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