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Mario Golf: World Tour
Luigi and his Mushroom Kingdom neighbors are teeing up once again in Mario Golf: World Tour. The Nintendo 3DS game includes both simple controls and a deeper experience for golf fans, plus courses that range from traditional to those inspired by the Mushroom Kingdom. The game launches this summer.[metacritic]
Savegame by Star-X
Title All courses and characters unlocked
Region USA
Type 3ds
Firmware 11.5
Title ID 00040000000DCD00
Flashcard Other
Added Sun, 20 August 2017
Author Star-X
Size 237.68 KB
Times downloaded 243
Description JKSV save of Mario Golf World Tour (US region) with all courses and characters (including Star Characters) unlocked. Mii costumes still require unlocking, but at least that leaves you with something to do :p Unzip to your JKSV save folder and enjoy!

Warning: May require all DLC to function. I haven't tested it with a DLC-less copy, but given how Nintendo handles DLC I doubt the results would be pretty if you tried to use it without getting all the DLC first.
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