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Inazuma Eleven Go 3: Galaxy Supernova
Football Frontier International Vision 2 (FFIV2) is held, and it is time when all youth soccer team from different countries can finally compete in the tournament! However, Shinsei Inazuma Japan, the representative team of Japan, have only eleven members, and eight of them are new to soccer! Tenma, Tsurugi and Shindo, as the seniors, must reorganize the team in order to win the tournament.[wikipedia]
Savegame by ultimatetemper
Title Inazuma Eleven GO Galaxy Supernova (JPN) - SAVE 2.2
Region JPN
Type 3ds
Firmware N/A
Title ID 000400000010BB00
Flashcard Gateway 3DS
Added Sat, 15 November 2014
Author ultimatetemper
Size 459.96 KB
Times downloaded 6671
Description Gateway Omega Savegame.

-Story Mode beaten
-Team Supernova beaten
-All non-Level 99 Challenge Routes beaten with S-Rank.
-All level 99 Challenge Routes unlocked.
-Natsumi and Gojou's Level 99 Challenge Routes beaten with S-Rank. Only Aki's route missing.
-300+ Players recruited
-All Ultimate Eleven Mixi-Maxed players except Super Zanark recruited, but if you want Super Zanark, save contains normal Zanark & Clara Jane.
-All Photos and Topics.
-All recruiting items.
-80%+ achievements unlocked.
-Average team level 99.

Hissatsu Glitch can be used.
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